home of the eaR®

home of the eaR®, my studio... this is the place, where I can realize my own projects, record other musicans and groups or work on sounddesign and mastering, soundtracks and much more.
At RELEASES you can listen to some CD's which where mixed and/or mastered at home of the eaR®.

home of the eaR®
I can offer recording, mixing, editing and mastering of your CD, audio books, net applications (like Cod4ward's Royal TS V2). Especially interesting for guitarists is my collection of vintage tube-amps and my long time experience with analog guitar recording. No "digitalsoundsnearlylike a f...ingmarshallfenderwhateversimulation". A good guitar needs a good tube amp and a good microphone in front of it, thats all...In my amp-room I can combine nearly every amp with every speaker cabinet for any desired sound.


With about 30 years experience in the music and studio business I can contribute to your record with various styles and sounds. Jazz, Modern Blues, Soul, Rock, Pop... I can come to your studio, but I can also send and recieve audiofiles per up- and download.

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Hard- und Software:
Macintosh G5, UAD & TC-powercore, Cubase, Logic Audio incl. countless Plugins & Synths
AdB AX 88 24Bit/96kHz AD/DA

RME Hammerfall 24Bit/96kHz AD/DA
Teac 80-8 Analog
Tascam DA-20

Allen & Heath
Microphones: AKG, Neumann, Shure
Amps:Marshall, Fender, Hiwatt, Boogie, Kitty Hawk, Acoustic, div. Outboard, look at GUITS & GEAR, SIGHTS & SOUNDS